Linda will supply the beeswax medium, some supports, brushes, heat guns, torches, lots of tools, etc.

VERY NECESSARY (MUST HAVE - bring with you 1st day)

Oil paint - variety of colors - your choice OR oil sticks - I prefer oil paint

Collage papers / rice paper / tissue paper / fabric / ribbon / collage items (if you want to collage things into your piece)

tuna/cat food cans - about 5

Paper Towels

Dry Pigment - 1 or 2 different colors

Supports - Ampersand Encausticbord or plywood (nothing with regular gesso on it.  (5 or 6) I will furnish some plywood to use. You can also use cradled and non-cradled panels with no gesso or ground on them)  You can also use Arches “OIL PAPER” - to mount when you get home.  Do not gesso.     

Suggested, but not necessary:  Images - copies (for photo transfers) - laser copies - NOT jet  We will be spending time on photo transfers.  The photos should have LOTS OF CONTRAST.  Be sure to take your photos to a copy center and get Laser Copies, jet printers do not work.

I will be supplying some supports for the encaustic (plywood).  But, if you desire to use your own support - purchase Ampersand’s “encausticbord”  either cradled or not cradled.  If you purchase the cradled, you will not need to frame.  MUST be encausticbord or claybord - anything that has gesso on it can not be used.  

Another choice would be “Multi-Media Board”.  This is similar to a paper, but not really paper.  It is sold at most art supply stores or can be ordered on-line.  It comes in various sizes.  If you use this - it will need to be framed or mounted.

I will have for your use - but if you have special ones for your use only, bring along

Transfer paper / Carbon paper

Permanent Markers


Pottery/wood tools

Variety of stamps to make impression into wax

Razor blades

Texture items

OLD oil brushes - nothing good - variety of sizes of flats and rounds (bristle) MUST BE BRISTLE (or natural fiber) BRUSHES - the cheaper the better (Home Depot and Lowe’s sell chip brushes that work well) - synthetic will melt - I will provide 5 brushes.

If you have any questions, call me.  717-623-2333.   www.LindaBentonMcCloskey.com

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