In addition to the Annual Experimental Art Exhibit, ISEA provides it's members the opportunity to participate in a digital art exhibit.  2015 was the inaugural exhibit with over 100 entries. This year entries numbered almost 140.

This year the exhibit will be displayed from November 1, 2016 thru April 20, 2017.

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 Abraham to Delaney

Hiding Places by Patricia Abraham

Rubies in the Sky by Christine Alfrey

The Birth of Phoenix by Kim Arntzn

The Coming of the Sun by Myra Anderson

Ready Dance by Susan Ashley

Carousel by Denise Althanas

Winter Survivor by Marilyn Bachelor

Sir Cyril Burt by David Baldwin

Belt by Michelle Barron Buelow

Chicken Dance by Nancy Bazin

Vision by Anita Mack Beatty

Book of the Ancients by Jeanne Beck

World Upside Down by Robin Beckwith

Edges of Life by Wilena Belden

The Bridge by Bev Bley

Lightning Over Tanzania by Jerry Bowman

The New Girl by Sharon Boyle

Twigs, Copper, Seaweed by Kathy Brady

Gold Over Gold Duner by Mary Braukman

Area Code by Brian Broughton

New Mexico Rising by Linda Burch

City by the Lake by Deborah Butler

Man by Beth Bynum

Crushed by Diane Cannon

Anhinga Rising by Elaine Charney

Burst of Flowers by Marian Christy

Fragments by Coffey

In Her Own Skin by Deborah Conn

Traction No. 2 by Cherie Correll

Shadow Falls on the Garden by Linda Cowles

Dazzle by Druscilla Defalque

Sealed Lips by Delaney

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