25th Annual Experimental Art Symposium

June 3-8, 2016

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Artist Demonstrations

Cherie Correll –use of tar and other interesting materials in your mixed media pieces
Saturday, June 4, 9-11am
$65 Members
$85 Non-Members
Banana Factory – Studio 104

After nearly 40 years of teaching art in public and private schools, as well as conducting workshops for all age groups, Cherie Correll is now devoting time to her own art practice. She has been a member of ISEA since 2001 when she first discovered and simultaneously found herself a home with like-minded artists.  

As the Exhibition Chairperson for the 2015 ISEA Symposium in Traverse City, Michigan she was thrilled to share the Grand Traverse Region of Northern Michigan with ISEA artists from all over the globe. 

Demo - Through the narrative of my experimental method, I present a number of generative processes - mark-making with black walnut dye, and tar, printing with tire parts, use of found objects as structural components, and the additive incorporation of photos and other collected items in 2d and 3d work.

Participants will receive my recipe for black walnut dye, as well as hand-outs of favorite art listservs, online newsletters, and artists' quotes.

Isabella Pizzano - Collage & Printmaking
Saturday, June 4, 1-3pm
$65 Members
$85 Non-Members
Banana Factory – Studio 104

Isabella Pizzano was born in Rome, Italy where she earned a B.A. in Fine Arts, specializing in clay sculptures.

While residing in New Jersey, she decided to open a gallery that provided original artwork from a group of very talented artists, serving the corporate as well as private collectors. She is now on her own adventurous journey after learning many techniques from classes given by major and renowned artists.

Collage is her love and she is happy to teach her intriguing techniques. www.isamari.com

Demo – Isabella will explore design elements, color and treatment of various types of paper. Add an image into your collage, and enhance the design with contrasting color, texture and themes. Apply stamping and discuss values. Samples and visuals will be shown and a full collage will be completed.

The demo piece will be randomly donated to one of the students from a grab bag. Also free cuttings of rare papers will be given to the students

Bea Pappas - using acrylic Gelli prints on Deli paper.  
Sunday, June 5, 1 pm to 3 pm
$65 Members
$85 Non-Members
Banana Factory – Studio 104

Bea has been painting for 50 years and teaching for 40 of those years. Watercolor was her first love, but she has taught experimental art now for 10 years. Bea attended DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MS for eight years, and studied with Betty Lou Schlemm for over 20 years. By taking workshops with artists she admires, and reading whatever she can get my hands on, she continues to research and learn. Bea has also won several awards in our ISEA exhibitions over her years as a member.



Gelli Plates are a petroleum-based printing plate that does not require ink but can be used for acrylic paints to produce either monoprints or for making papers you can then incorporate into your mixed media works. They dry quickly and can be painted in layers using stencils or brushwork. This demonstration will involve the use of stencils, fluid acrylic paint and Deli paper. The deli paper is stronger than art tissue paper and is very useful for its transparency and ease of use


Monoprinting on watercolor paper
Printing onto deli paper
Simple method
Two or three step method


Water and soap
Baby wipes
Alcohol bath (for cleaning stencils)


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