2nd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Jones to Rattelade

Touring Eastern Europe by Marilyn Eitzen Jones

Untitled by Leslie Jones

Danger Zone by Susan Kacik

Chihuly's Pianop by Mary Keefer

Sunshine Coming by Ann King

Cuttlefish Moving Sideways by Bobbi Kilty

Light in the Darkness by Jessica Kovan

Journey by Candace Law

Yes Sir! by Louise Lechance-Legault

Pentimento by Judy Lyons

Bluebird by Jude Martindale

Ties That Bind by Katalene Massela

Eyes in the Sky by Mary-Lou MacDonald

Something's In The Water by Jimmie May

Fire Down Below by Marianne McKay

Whooo by Marge McKean

Violent Storm by Mark Mehaffey

Play on Words by Dale Menz

Indian Summer by Dorothy Metting

Continum by Susan Miller

The Artist by Karen Miller

Red is a Neutral Color by June Miron

Sea Rushing In by Kathleen Mooney

Untitled by Vicki Meyers

Canvas Dancers by Valarie Norman

Making Peace With Myself by Loretta (Lotty) Owens

Free Smells by Beatrice Pappas

Carpe Diem Isabella Pizanno

Peace Like a River by Merle Plagge

Journey to See the Angel by by Melinda Pope

Gone But Not Forgotten by Kendra Postma

Dichotomy by Barbara Rigalyl

Wealth by Velvet Rattelade

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