4th Annual Members Only Virtual Exhibition 2018 on SmugMug site. Award winners will be on ISEA website.

· January 15 –  Intake begins

· March 1 – Intake ends

· March 15 –  Jurying by Rufus Snoddy with results posted on website and SmugMug 

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My work approaches painting as object with the intent of obliterating the line between painting and sculpture.  

I build textures, shapes and surfaces to stress the illusion of color and space.  Whether free standing or hanging, these works are created with the intent of interacting with surrounding space.  

The content lends visible clues about perception.  Materials are melded together without regard to preservation of original intent, in deference to the process.  I am influenced a great deal by my environmental surroundings in my choices of materials.

Conceptually I have a continuing dialogue about illusion and perception, given impetus by the textural content of living in the United States as an African American male.

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