3rd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Neidich to Staal-Cowley

Goddess by Neidich

Marble Palisade by Carol Nelson

Watching Him Go by Terese Olsen

Gratitude by Lolly Owens

Sunset by Bea Pappas

Jubilation by Lois Perdue

All Roads Lead Home by Patty Pickles

In Harmony by Isabella Pizanno

Mites & Tights by Merle Plagge

Phases and Faces by Melinda Pope

P30870433 by Jane Presta

Eternal Rhythms by Barbara Ragalyi

Sticks and Stones by Elaine Reed

Not Everything is Black and White by Marie Renfro

Rhythm by Sue Reynolds

No Fly Zone by Melissa Rian

Sagebrush Steppe by Liz Roberts

Origin by Rosa Vera

The Genese River by Rose Roslyn

Curiosity by Diane Schmidt

Take Me Away I'm Free by Joy Schroeder

World Roulette by Susan Schuhmacher

Lonely by Ruby Schwarzchild

Aspirations  by Patti Sevensma

Manufactured Elements by Tammy Seymour

Horse on Yupo by Bobette ShaftonDavison

Summer Wind by Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass

Create! by Teresa Marie Staal-Cowley

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