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Annie Morgan

Mix it Up! Workshop

October 24-25, 2017

Brushes 2"or 3" Hake', 2" disposable foam brushes, Inexpensive"craft" stencil brush

Paper Hot press paper works best for the techniques that I will be demonstrating. I generally use Rives BFK, Somerset or Arches 88. Most types of printmaking paper will work. 

Paints and mediums Gloss medium Matte medium GAC 100 (you can substitute this for gloss medium. It is less expensive). 

Your favorite colors of acrylic paint 

Optional: Watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, pastel pencils or sticks, colored pencils, fine line markers and/or any water-soluble media that you regularly use. 

Do not go out and buy these items if you do not have them. I have plenty to share. 


Pencil Soft black charcoal pencil 

Removable tape Scissors 

Exacto knife Ruler Scrapers or any "mark-making" tools 

4" brayer 

Purcell hand sanitizer

Clear only. Plastic wrap 

Freezer paper 2-3 

White kitchen garbage bags 

Something to burnish with like old credit cards etc. 


A medium to large hard flat surface to work on like gator board.

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